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Eximo was founded in 2007 by Maya Wolff and Bryoni Hasler. Both passionate about dance as well as young people's well being, they set up Street/HipHop and Contemporary dance classes and performances that would not only be of a high standard but would integrate a family feel and discussions about age relevant topics.

In 2009, Sophie Gage became part of the team and her and Maya Wolff formed a company partnership early in 2011 when Bryoni Hasler had left. In this time, Eximo experienced a substantial growth. Maya and Sophie extended Eximo to offer singing, drama and music services alsongside the already existing dance classes and performances and had a team of volunteers behind them to manage different areas of the company. 

Between 2009-2012 Eximo has been on international tours performing various pieces integrating not only dance but singing as well as their own music productions. They performed at a number of festivals and club nights including "Lounge On The Farm" and "Breakology" events. Eximo has been hired by schools, youth clubs, colleges, universities and events to run lessons and workshops as well as teaching a full schedule of their own classes. 

Sophie Gage left the partnership late 2012 and Eximo was handed over to Maya Wolff who is now the sole director of the company. Having established herself as a solo artist over the last couple of years, she successfully stripped Eximo back to delivering private singing/piano lessons and offering dance services in the form of workshops, which she did successfully so over the past couple of year. 

2016 has been the busiest year yet teaching piano and singing privately as well as taking up dance work for a Brighton college and other various companies. Maya has also released a series of Fitness video's and occasionally run fitness/dance courses. 

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