declaration form PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM and make the payment at least 3 days before the lesson

*Even though legal measures have changed, the risk of infection and therefore our risk assessment remain unchanged and procedures will stay the same.
You get the option on the form below to declare if you absolutely cannot wear a mask, in which case your teacher can make an informed decision whether to go ahead with the lesson.*

Step 4 Covid19 Declaration Form Lesson at Covid Safe Venue
  • Select lesson date:
  • I have read, understood and will follow all the venues instructions and their H&S:
  • I will contact Eximo immediately if I or a close contact, develop symptoms/tests positive after sending this form:
  • I have made a note of the procedures, items to take and am prepared for the lesson:
  • I have read and agree to the general T&C's:
  • Whilst risk has been assessed and mitigated as much as possible, there is still a risk of infection. I confirm I am happy to take this risk:
  • Check you have filled out all the asterisked boxes, otherwise you will receive an error message:
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