Why a piano course taught by princesses?

This course came about through company owner Maya Wolff’s working as a piano teacher as well as a princess entertainer for Enchanted Events .

Maya spotted a real gap in the piano book market for the really young ones, so she decided to write her own book that will be taught by the Piano Princess and a famous fairy tale character as a 5 week course.

"In my 10 years being a princess I have learnt an invaluable amount of how kids learn, interact and respond to a their favourite princess compared to “just” a piano teacher. Children react, respect and copy very differently, it’s quite magical.”

Her passion to excite the younger age group in a fun, interactive and entertaining way to learn piano has led her to create this course, which will be a great introduction to piano. This will hopefully ignite the children’s passion to move on to private lessons to continue their piano journey.


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We can also offer this course to be taught from your home or space you hire with a minimum of 4 children at a discounted rate! Please contact us for details and availability!


What does the course include?

Taught by Piano Princess Lyra and (in most courses-check event details) a famous fairy tale princess, in the most creative and fun way, the children get to:

  • learn piano basics
  • play simple songs
  • draw in their own piano book
  • learn songs & music theory through games, singing & dancing
  • do magic and learn about their own piano powers

The course includes:

  • small keyboard to keep and take home
  • a piano book
  • lots of stickers
  • Princess photo opportunities
  • completion certificate