How to - Eximo protocol/Troubleshooting

Weekly tasks:

  • Update your availability diary for at least 2 weeks ahead
  • Send invoice for any hours worked to [email protected]
    Each invoice to cover a Monday-Sunday period.

Trial Lessons:


  • Send Eximo a Zoom link
  • Check all the students’ details are in the diary including their phone number
  • Prepare a custom-made trial lesson according to the brief you’ve been given about the student, if you need more info let Eximo know
  • Sent any material you’d like the student to have for the trial to Eximo to pass on
  • If you’d like to speak to them directly before the trial please ask Eximo to create a Whatsapp group


  • Use the trial to get your student excited about lessons. Give them a taste of your lessons. Talk about what they want to learn but don’t ‘just’ talk, also give them an actual taster lesson. Establish the level of your student and find out everything you need to know to prepare future custom-made lessons
  • Parents are supposed to stay with their children, remind them of this if they aren’t around or want to leave the child. Make them aware they are responsible for their child’s health and safety if they need to leave for any reason.


  • If a student doesn’t turn up CALL them after 2-3min max, do not leave it longer. They may just have logging in issues and time will be lost. If they don’t pick up send them a text in the Whatsapp group you have with them. If you don’t have one yet, text them personally
  • If they still don’t show up you can leave the meeting after a few minutes. Let Eximo know if this happens immediately.


  • Send Eximo a quick message to say how it went. We would rather find out any issues from you first, than hear it from the student.


  • All the above applies about procedures
  • Please make Eximo aware of any issues in the lessons or if you have any worries about a student, whether this is to do with their learning progress, behaviour or if you are generally concerned about your student or their wellbeing, especially if it is a minor.

Communication with your students:

  • If you need to send files, please ask us to start a whatsapp group. You can download whatsapp on your desktop for easy file transfer. If that’s not possible for you, you can email the student, but make us aware that you are.
  • Any other communication should be done in the whatsapp group so students don’t feel tempted to send you a private text to cancel or rearrange lessons, which makes it very hard for us to step in eg. to ask for cancellations fees. We’d love to avoid any scenarios of miscommunication.
  • If a student still contacts you personally, you can still avert the conversation back to the whatsapp group and just answer them there.
  • If the student discusses any bookings/bookings changes/cancellations with you, please point them our way so we can change this for them. It is important that bookings are reflected in the calendar as they happen.
  • If a student discontinues, delete any of their data you may have stored
  • No social contact shall be had with students, it is of utmost importance that you do not contact your student about anything else than lessons to keep to data protection rules.