Eximo teacher contract

What Eximo will do for teachers

  • take care of all advertisement, booking procedures, student payments
  • endeavor to book up teacher’s availability as quickly as possible
  • create a shared Google Calendar with all your bookings visible
  • be contactable for any support needed for you to be the best teacher you can be 

What is expected of teachers

  • to adhere to our policies and values and keep up to date with any changing terms 
  • provide a free 30 min consultation/taster lesson for each student
  • keep google availability calendar up to date must have access to their google calendars on the go to check it for bookings/cancellations. Notifications can be set up by the teacher on their apps/laptops etc. Teachers must ensure they have all student info they need before lessons
  • to report any issues that arise with students asap
  • teach lessons in a clean, friendly, safe and appropriate environment suitable for all ages, Eximo will not take liability for a teacher teaching in their own teaching space and will not take liability for teachers travelling to other teaching spaces. Teachers are responsible for their own and their student’s health & safety face to face and online. Teachers having their own PLI is recommended.
  • all Covid policies must be followed when teaching face to face
  • be receptive to students musical needs and create each lesson plan according to the students aims and progress 
  • be an encouragement to students always making them leave feeling positive
  • to provide regular picture/video content to be posted on Eximo’s Instagram 
  • dress in a presentable manner and maintain a good standard of personal hygiene
  • Eximo holds the right to change any terms in this contract, which can be found on this website. In such an instance, you will be informed in writing usually on the Eximo whatsapp group. It is assumed that you agree unless you inform Eximo within 1 week of receiving a notice in such event.
  • Teachers can look at this website at any time and are advised to keep the URL www.eximo.com/teachercontract.html in an accessible place . This is a private URL and not to be shared/shown to anyone outside of Eximo


  • Eximo pays teachers by the hours worked at a minimum of £20/ph 
  • If a student cancels on the day, we either offer to reschdedule if the teacher agrees and can accomodate or 50% of the lesson can be invoiced. Eximo will handle this that at the discretion of the situation. In case 50% can be invoiced for a cancelled lesson, Eximo will inform the teacher and the teacher can invoice for 50% of the base fee but won’t be counted towards any bonus hours 
  • Invoices covering one week’s work (Mo-Sun) shall be sent weekly to Eximo
  • Template invoices are available for Teachers to use
  • A bonus system for face to face teaching is in place to insure longevity of teachers working for Eximo, work satisfaction and to encourage teachers to introduce students to be booked through Eximo. Detailed information will be provided in a separate document
  • All invoices must be sent to [email protected], only invoices sent to this email will be processed
  • Eximo aims to pay invoices within 7 days of receipt (within a maximum of 30 days)
  • Teachers are working on a freelance basis, Eximo is not responsible for individuals Tax and National Insurance payments.


  • Teachers are expected to keep an availability diary for at least 2 weeks in advance and keep this up to date
  • Eximo must be informed immediately of any teaching committments on the day that can't be met last minute due to illness or any other reason, in this case the student must also be contacted by the teacher
  • Teachers may take off as much time as they like, however this may affect bonus pay and future work

Teacher/Student Communication

  • Students must not be contacted outside of lesson time for social purposes
  • WhatsApp may be neccessary for Eximo to create a group between the teacher and student. If you need to communicate with a student and that has not been set up, please contact Eximo to do so. 
  • All bookings/cancellations need to be made through Eximo, any potential bookings discussed with a student must be reported back to Eximo. Teachers are held liable for insurance purposes if any bookings made/cancelled with a student are not reported back to Eximo immediately. Lesson day, time and length booked with a student must add up to the google calendar at all times.  
  • Only in the event of sudden illness or any other valid reason to cancel a lesson last minute should the teacher make direct contact with the student (this must still be reported to Eximo) 
  • No money shall be taken directly from students unless advised beforehand by Eximo
  • All students booked in by Eximo are exclusive to Eximo and not be taught privately. This includes any referrals from Eximo students to be passed on to Eximo. Breaching this would result in immediate termination of your work for Eximo and legal action might be taken.

Data Protection

  • Any Student data given to you by Eximo must be kept safe and only used in relation to lessons
  • If a student terminates lessons or if you stop teaching for Eximo, all student data must be deleted immediately, you are responsible for this and Eximo cannot be made liable for you keeping or leaking student’s data during working and after working for Eximo 
  • Do not pass on student details under any circumstances. 
  • Pictures and videos can only be taken if you have a copy of the consent form signed by the student given to you by Eximo. Pictures and videos can only be used in relation to Eximo and are not for personal use.

    Confidentiality Disclaimer for The Piano Princess or using any material sent created for The Piano Princess

    The material has been developed by Eximo & The Piano Princess and is strictly confidential and may only be used within Eximo and The Piano Princess. It may not be used for students outside these 2 companies, replicated or discussed with teachers or people that may have an interest in using the material or setting anything up that has any similarity to the Piano Princess courses, lessons, workshops outside of Eximo.

    Non-compete / Conflict of interest
  • The teacher may teach for other companies but may not start their own teaching agency during their work for Eximo and for 1 year after
  • Any connections through Eximo and work arising from this must not be carried out, or only with the explicit consent from Eximo even in a different field e.g. a school you work in for Eximo offers you to teach swimming lessons

Documents required

  • Unless you are only teaching adults, an enahnced DBS needs to be dated within a year at all times. Teachers must be aware of their DBS date and are responsible for sending a new DBS when the date on the DBS form sent approaches 1year 
  • A work permit if you are not a British citizen
  • 2 references
  • Short Biography & Pictures
  • If working from abroad you must have your own public liability insurance. Eximo must be notified and will not be liable for any damages arising from working outside of the UK. 

Termination of working for Eximo

  • At least 1 months notice must be given 
  • You may not teach any students you have taught under Eximo for 1 year after terminating your work for Eximo. 
Teacher Contract
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