Procedure for Lessons at 3rd party Covid Safe Venue Brighton electric

1) Check you are allowed face to face lessons:

✓ If the student/teacher and anyone in their household is considered vulnerable/at risk, face to face lesson with Eximo cannot take place
✓ You haven’t had any of the following symptoms, haven’t been close to anyone with the following symptoms and are able to check with your household that they haven’t had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: Cough, Fever or chills, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhoea
✓ If you have a condition/disability that doesn’t allow you to wear a mask/visor please contact Eximo. The teacher may be able to provide a screen between student/teacher during the lesson.
✓ Please read through the procedures and communicate if extra advice is needed to be able to adhere to all the policies and only proceed if you are happy with the policies
✓ Parents may not be able to sit in (please check) but must be reachable, available and able to collect their child quickly if symptoms shall occur during the lesson

to reserve your lesson time. You can request to reserve a regular slot so you can skip this step in the future. Before moving to a full lesson, a 20min trial lesson will be arranged to make sure both parties are happy to adhere to all the policies. Every person is different and whilst in theory these measures work, not everyone will find they will work for them until they have been tried out.


  • Between 48hrs-24hrs before the lesson time fill out the online declaration form to confirm that you and anyone in your household hasn’t had any of the above outlined symptoms and you haven’t been in close contact to anyone with any of these symptoms outside of your household in the last 14 days. You must check with everyone in your household at that time to confirm. If you cannot confirm this or you/someone in your household has/have/have had symptoms in the last 14 days, please let us know and we will reschedule your lesson.
  • Please set a reminder for yourself to fill out the declaration form. If no form is received 48-24hrs before the lesson, your lesson will be cancelled. A 50% refund can be made upon request.
  • If you/your household/anyone you have been close to develop symptoms after sending the form, please let Eximo know immediately and we will reschedule the lesson. If you don’t want to reschedule, we will refund your money (only for reasons of illness not for other reasons). Please get a test asap and let Eximo know your test result. If negative, we can resume lessons when symptoms are gone. If positive, self-isolate for 14days and contact us after 14days or once symptoms are gone to rebook your lesson.
  • The declaration form will take you to payment.
  • If you have to cancel within 24hrs for any reason other than illness, our general policy applies a 50% charge. Please request a refund for your 50%.

4) Get ready for your lesson:

  • Wash your hands before you leave
  • Take hand sanitiser with you and use frequently
  • Take any lesson material you need – if you’re unsure what you need please check with your teacher what to bring as teachers will not hand out any sheet music/material to students
  • Parents to make sure they are available and in close proximity to the lesson in case it needs to be stopped if symptoms appear
  • Parents are advised to stay out of the lesson to minimise the number of people in a room. In this case we can set up a live stream of the lesson so parents can follow/have an input into the lesson. Please contact Eximo in advance to check if parents can sit in or alternatively request a Zoom streaming link. If parent/adult can stay with the child, they also must wear face protection
  • Do not pack any foods to be taken into the lesson, take drinks in a bottle where it can stay/be put back in during the lesson
  • It might be a good idea to use the toilet before departure to avoid going at the venue
  • Put on your chosen face protection!
  • Both teachers and students must wear a face mask and/or a face shield. Face masks are more likely to protect others than yourself and face shields are more likely to protect yourself than others. Please keep this in mind when choosing just one of the other. For face mask use please watch For visor use please watch and follow the instructions in the video. Please check out our blog to read why they are necessary and how to make it more fun for kids. Please turn up with your protective choice on, ready for the lesson.
  • The following are government guidelines in wearing face coverings

    Ready to go:
  • To get to the lesson please follow government guidelines stating: Avoiding using public transport, and aiming to walk, cycle, or drive instead. If using public transport is necessary, wearing a face covering is mandatory

    6) Entering the venue:
  • The venue is responsible for all necessary cleaning, signage, restrictions on visitor numbers and maximum people allowed in rooms. If you find this unsatisfactory, please contact the venue immediately. Eximo does not take responsibility for the H&S in the venue. Our extra safety measures are in place for the specific teaching practises happening whilst in the venue to reduce risk of transmission during lesson times.
  • Please arrive on time, not early/late, there is a one-way system in place and people are discouraged to wait at the entrance. Your lesson time cannot be extended if you are late
  • Enter one at a time. Your Teachers will meet you at reception. Use the hand sanitiser provided there. Do not drop children off unattended, they must be handed over to the teacher.

    7) Starting your lesson:
  • Socially distanced follow your teacher to the teaching space
  • Your teacher will show you your marked-out space to sit/stand during the lesson
  • For Piano lessons, this will be a distance of 1m+ at all times and maintain 2m wherever and whenever possible
  • For Singing lessons this will be a distance of at least 2m apart, where possible 3m or better, as far as possible without compromising the lesson quality.
  • When singing, do not face each other but either stand side to side or back to back
  • If piano teachers want to demonstrate something and do not have a separate piano available and only when absolutely necessary, the teacher will wipe the piano thoroughly before and after using it and make sure that whilst swapping over the 1m+ rule will be adhered to at all times and use hand sanitiser before /after touching the piano. You must also use hand sanitiser before touching the piano again
  • Sheet music shall not be shared or handed out. Please make sure that you arrive prepared
  • No foods shall be eaten during the lesson, drinking bottles must not be put on the floor/equipment etc. and must be kept in a personal bag. Hand sanitiser must be used before using taking a drink
  • If students/teachers show any of the symptoms outlined above in the lesson, the lesson will be broken up immediately and will be rescheduled after a minimum of 14 days. The symptomatic person shall return home immediately. Both teacher and students shall arrange to have a test done through the government website as soon as possible and stay home self-isolating for 14 days or until and if the test results come back negative and symptoms have disappeared-

    8) Before you leave

  • Make sure you know what you need to practise and pack all your belongings
  • The teacher will show you out socially distanced
  • Use hand sanitiser on the way out
  • Parents must be ready to collect their children at the end of the arranged lesson time. Teachers cannot be held responsible to watch children if parents are running late. In this case the child will have to wait by the exit. Eximo cannot be responsible for the waiting time of your child due to late pick up
  • You may consider changing out of your clothes you have attended the lesson in and wash these straight away when you arrive back home

    9) Have a great time
  • We know this new normal is not what we are used to and will require compliance by all parties to stay safe but we hope you will thoroughly enjoy your face to face lessons again and feel safe

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch
  • If you have any questions or want to talk to us about your lessons please don’t hesitate to get in touch, Eximo wants to make this the best and safest experience as possible for you