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Top 5 Tips to avoid Freshers' Flu

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Freshers` (Fresh Term) Flu

Freshers Flu isn’t a certain strain of flu, though it would be great if everyone but freshers could escape it! It’s more so the phenomenon of when not just universities, but also schools starting up again, everybody’s dropping like flies. This might be due to people coming together from different parts of the country or even from different countries, bringing new bacteria and viruses with them you might not have been exposed to before so your body is more likely to fail you in being resistant. 

Here are our Top 5 Tips to help stay clear of the “Freshers Flu”:



5)    Don’t sleep when your dead (ill)!


 Yes, getting a decent amount of sleep (7-9hrs) may be a boring goal to set for this new term, agreed!

However, the time we spend sleeping helps our bodies to recuperate. Sleep now and have fun whilst everyone is in bed trying to shake off their colds!



4)    Wash your hands!


It’s SO simple! Yet it can make the world of difference. Antibacterial gels have had some bad press and might have some adverse side effects, so just wash your hands with hot water and soap, wash them OFTEN and don’t touch your face in between.

This could be the make or break of catching what that guy that opened the door before you had.    




3)    Eat well!


And with eating well I don’t mean getting stuffed with that yummy greasy food that’s so addictive! Eat protein rich, nutrient dense food. Basically, get your fruit and veg in every day! Have some carbs to have energy in the ever shortened days and think twice before eating that whole bag of chocolates! Everything in moderation! Maybe have a little research into what macros your body needs to be well (I’m a huge fan of eating accordingly)!



2)    Exorcise and Exercise!

Yep, you read right! It’s Halloween month! All those demons appear, maybe you’re familiar with some of your own! It’s a new term, it’s time to build new habits! Just make the little changes that will change your life and don’t turn everything upside down! And yes – exercise! Regardless of what illness threats may be lingering – your body is the most amazing thing! You can transform yourself in ways you never could have imagined but above all else, your body is here to move, to be challenged! Do it in a way YOU enjoy! I LOVE dancing and hitting the gym, lifting weights. But this may not be for you. Maybe you need to just start taking a walk on Brighton beach every day!


1)    Stay away! And ask them to stay away!

It is a totally reasonable request that you don’t want to get ill! By now, my friends should know that if they don’t feel well, I’d rather not see them and wait a week to hang out with them. Not only do we then have a better time together (because they are thir normal selves) but also I don’t risk losing my health, work, spare time and other fun things I’d rather do than being ill! Of course, if someone of ill health really does need your help be there for them! You are allowed to be selfish though and stay away from illnesses as they will just keep on thriving and surviving if being passed on.

Ok this may seem hash but please… if you are ill and it is possible to not pass on what you have, please don’t!



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