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Confidence Matters Part II

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Confidence Matters Part II 

IMG_8760Whenever I greet a new student, I instantly get a feel for their confidence level and my goal is to make them feel as comfortable as possible, welcoming them with a big smile! One thing I have learnt in the last 15 years is that your energy bounces off people. What you give, is what you get, and you will attract your tribe!

Theses 2 things are important points for artists to work on.

In our Blog last week we covered Part I  "What you give is what you get" , if you haven't read that yet, scoll down and read Part I 



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You will attract your Tribe

Nowadays, it is not enough to just have a good product! Sure, this is where it all starts, you have to make something people want to consume, whether that’s listening to your latest song or piano piece or look at artwork you have created.

Everyone is a mini media company and we are all dependant on our own effort to present our creations to the world! People don’t just want to see what you’ve created, they want to see you, the person behind the song.



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Confidence matters because you will have to not just put yourself out there for an audience, you have to find and build your audience! Not knowing how people will react, whether they will have somethingpositive to say can be daunting. But also know that you will attract those people who your art resonates with and this is the most important thing.

Never lose sight of why you created what you did in the first place and hold your head up high presenting it because you just made something that wasn’t there before. This is something to be proud of and people will see your efforts!  







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