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What to be afraid of in 2020

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What to be afraid of in 2020


There are many things you could be afraid of in 2020. The earth is dying, Brexit clearly isn’t sorted and there are a hundred million reason of why a new year can be daunting.


But let’s just step back for a moment. Most things we may be afraid of lie out of our control. The only thing we should be afraid of are the things in our control.


Let’s focus on yourself and what you may or may not do this year. Fear is a word that we usually perceive as negative. How about we make this “fear” the ultimate drive and let’s be so driven that if the worst thing that may happen happens and we die, we die fulfilled because we chased the things that were the most important to us and were the most afraid not to have, achieve or make happen.


I get restless when I’m comfortable, I constantly need to break boundaries and push for the new and untouched territories inmy life! Let’s dream BIG this year.


Be afraid of not making your dreams happen so that they will! Be afraid of not reaching your potential so you exceed all expectations and then let’s turn this word “fear” into something positive! What is that positive word for you? Fear as we know it will only hold us back!


I love how some language have words that don’t exist in others. The German word “Ehrfurcht” is a great word including the word fear but translates to something more like “awe”, “respect”. Be in awe of yourself, respect what may happen or not happen in 2020!

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So really the only thing to be afraid of is fear itself. Don’t be held back by the feeling of fear, don’t let it rob you of your potential! Everything is possible unless you believe it’s not! That may make it impossible! Start your 2020 with a heart full of faith and a mind full of believe that there’s absolutely nothing worth spending negative energy on and every positive thought it absolutely worth thinking and pursuing!

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