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The major scale blueprint / How to build any major scale

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The major scale blueprint / How to build any major scale 

As my ambition is to grow Eximo to be THE best teaching company out there, to me that means giving YOU as much as possible! 

Having taught scales to so many students, we are kicking off the year with a YouTube tutorial series on ALL the SCALES! If you'd like this to come to your inbox every monday, scroll down to sign up to our Newsletter.
So let's kick off the "Scale up Your Scales" series with the first tutorial

You can learn the major scales off by heart or you could use the very simple "blueprint" and build any major scales within seconds!

Learn the difference between a semi-tone and tone:

- A semi-tone is the step between one key and the immediate key next to it regardless of it being white/black.

- A tone are 2 semi-tone steps together, essentially from one key, count 3 keys up/down and key 1 to 3 is a tone -- eg. C,C# is a semi-tone, C#, D is a semi-tone, so C-D count (C, C#,D) is a tone

- Apply the pattern - Tone, Tone, Semi-Tone, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi-Tone anywhere on the piano and you end up with a major scale 


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