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Plan Your Creative 2020 in just 4 Easy Steps

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Plan Your Creative 2020 in just 4 Easy Steps

We are well into 2020 now but it’s never too late to start thinking of your goals for the this year! In fact, it’s good to keep reviewing them every few months as life never stays the same. See some steps below of how to plan your Creative 2020 and a worksheet to download at the bottom 

1)    Make creativity a PRIORITY 

The first challenge often is to make time for creativity and making this a PRIORITY. Everyone has the same 24hrs, it’s up to each and every one of us how we spend our time every day.

 2)    Make GOALS attainable

The biggest downfall is to set unattainable tasks eg planning to practise piano for 1h each day when so far you only managed about 10min a week.

3)    Make LONG-TERM and SHORT-TERM goals

Create an overall, long-term goal and then set small, achievable goals eg your overall goal is to learn a specific piece or write an album. Set time in your diary for your 10-15min 3 times a week to work on this goal. Once you achieve this, challenge yourself, set a longer time, a higher frequency. 


4)    Create HABITS

Once you have a routine going and your small goals have become part of your normal life it becomes part of who you are and it feels easy. If you fall out of your routine it’s ok, just start again, don’t give up. No one is perfect, keep going until you live and breathe your creativity every day.

Download your FREE worksheet in next week's Blog post!  













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