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The secret of weightlifting that makes you a more successful artist

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The secret of weightlifting that makes you a more successful artist


From a young age I have always been a big dreamer pursuing my artistic and life goals. Some I’ve achieved along the way, many still ahead of me. Even though I was  always dancing and going to the gym my whole adult life, it’s only recently that I started weight lifting more seriously.

Setting fitness goals and becoming physically strong comes with a side effect! When in the right frame of mind, constantly challenging yourself and reaching PB’s (personal best’s), your physical success will spill over into your everyday life. Even though it is a physical challenge, the biggest challenge is in our minds! When your breath gets short, when your muscles hurt, it is your mind that will either give in and give up, or you tell yourself to keep going and keep trying.

Making a priority to stick to a workout plan that was created to increase weights over time and seeing your body change (ladies - don’t you worry about bulking up, you’d have to do some very serious and very heavy lifting and maintain very strict nutrition to even get close…. I wish it was easier!) has not only made me stronger lifting weights in kg but also weights you carry being an artist or running a business. It will almostcertainly make you more disciplined and focus you on the things that really matter.


Having a picture in mind of what you want to look like and having something to train for, is the same visualisation needed when trying to make it as an artist or run a successful business. You need to visualise who and what you want to be, always looking ahead seeing yourself stronger and more successful. Just looking in the mirror seeing our faults and not doing anything about it will most likely not progress you towards success. 

The other side effect is obvious – physical activity releases stress and can help lose weight/maintain a healthy weight (though you cannot out-train nutrition!). Studies show it can contribute to increased overall happiness through the release of endorphins. Including cardio into your routine is proven to be positive for your heart health. 


To be strong you also need to allow yourself rest for your muscles to recover. This principle also applies to you being successful in life. Take time out to reflect, refocus and calm your mind is an important part in smashing your goals, especially when you need to get your creative juices flowing again! 

So what are you waiting for? If not weight lifting, maybe another fitness routine appeals to you that may have a similar effect on your overall life success! Find what you love and DO IT! If you need help in creating and following goals, you can download our FREE worksheet that can also be applied to fitness goals.

















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  1. Eximo

    @TOM - I'm not a certified PT but I always recommend stretching to warm up and cool down. It's good to stretch when muscles are already warmed up so I personally start with 5-15min of cardio, then stretch for a good 5min and I finish with 5min stretching after lifting too. This will eliminate a lot of soreness and tension. Hot baths are great for muscle relaxation, salts apparently have benefits too. Some gentle yoga can be great to cool down ! Being physically fit is so beneficial for singers as it increases your stamina and performance endurance. I may write a separate blog post on this!

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  2. Tom High

    Love this article! The subject of weightlifting and muscle constriction with singers is always a interesting topic. Would you counteract muscle construction with yoga / salt baths?

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