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10 Top Taylor Torrence Tips

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10 Top Taylor Torrence Tips

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We have listened to the "The Mindful Mundane" Podcast (Part 1 Part 2), interviewing rising star producer Taylor Torrence who's supported by the likes of Armin can Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tritonal and many more. 

Taylor has a tremendous insight and brings to the table an invaluable amount of discipline and learnt habits he has picked up through his career as a lawyer. Taking time to listen to the podcast will certainly be worth it, but if you don't have the time, here are our 10 Top Tips Taylor shares throughout the conversation we want to share with you

  1. Create a separate workspace Click the article headline to read more 
    E.g. Dedicate a room for doing music, if you don’t have the space, get a cheap room separator to at least create a separate space between your bed and creative space

  2. Work on perfecting one thing
    E.g. Work on that one bar you keep messing up, focus on singing that high section in the song, write that chorus you were unsure of

  3. Leave your phone off for the first part of the day 
    Start your day with intention and don’t go straight to answering everyone else but yourself. Fill your cup in any way that inspires you to have a motivated day

  4. Get a timed locker for your phone
    If you can’t keep away from your phone during your dedicated music time, get a timed locker that won’t let you get to your phone until your timer is done

  5. Track your creative time
    Get an app that will track your time, this will not only allow you to check how much time you are spending on what’s so important to you but will also boost your self-confidence

  6. Do music as your first thing
    This is a habit to be worked on. Whether you get started at the beginning of the day or as soon as you come back from work, make it the number one thing you do that is non-negotiable

  7. Start small
    Don’t set yourself targets you cannot comfortably achieve. This will only ruin your self-respect, create doubt and diminish your motivation. Start as small as committing to 5-10min of practise every day. Once it is a habit, it’s easy to increase the time and specific goals

  8. Don’t give into tiredness
    Most of the time this is temporary. If you’re still tired tomorrow or the day after then you can rest (unless you have a medical condition that requires you to pace yourself, then please absolutely listen to your body)
  9. Minimise the amount of steps, literal steps and things to do from the point of coming home to getting to music
    E.g. Food prep so you don’t need to decide what to eat or take much time to cook it, don’t change clothes, don’t turn on the TV or other distractions, make your housemates/partner/spouse aware you can’t start chatting with now, don’t start answering calls/texts from the day 

  10. Treat your music like it’s your business (unless it’s just a fun hobby)
    You wouldn’t not show up for your job, so don’t not show up for the thing you’re so passionate about. Be as dedicated to your creative self as you would if your life depended on it


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