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Top 5 Benefits of Online Lessons

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Top 5 Benefits of online lessons




The emerge of online lessons as a result of the pandemic has been a tremendous positive that has come out of a difficult time. Online lessons are now often the preferred choice when students are looking to learn. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing online lessons over in person lessons:


1)   Time

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Whatever set up you may find for lessons, it will save you a considerable amount of time. Since time is precious and many are short on, this is the No 1 reason to consider online lessons. All you need to do is login and you’re live with your teacher. You don’t have to make sure you cleaned your house before the teacher arrives, or travel to a studio or teacher’s home. Lessons are more likely to start and finish on time saving you precious minutes and are less likely to get interrupted by the next student arriving early and ringing the bell. There is less chance of you arriving late to your lesson due to travel missing out on minutes you have paid for. 

2)    Cost

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Our online lessons are discounted and we provide more flexible packages. Besides this, there are other costs you are saving eg. travel. It may not seem much to drive for a few minutes or take public transport but the pennies add up over the course of your lessons to a considerable amount. In some areas, there’s parking to consider if you’re travelling by car. If we measure our time in money, we are saving time we could otherwise use to work or do something productive.
There are costs you may not even think of. We are much more likely to be tempted to stop by a coffee shop on the way to/from the lesson or buy a snack from a shop instead of making your favourite homemade brew before your lesson at home. 

3)    Health

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Online lessons are the best option to stay healthy from all the bugs going around. Catching a normal cold can restrict your singing voice for several days to weeks. There are ways of making lessons safer and we are committed to doing this when requested but risk always remains even with mitigations. For many, the threat of Covid isn’t over and can have serious long-term adverse health outcomes. Online lessons are your safest option. 

4)    Environment

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Unless you are walking or cycling, you are also doing your bit for the environment.
This can be a double bonus if your lesson otherwise would be in a studio both you and your teacher would have to.


5)    Quality

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You may wonder about the quality of lessons. Every teacher has worked out a great set up to make them successful. As long as the internet connection is good, there is no lack in quality.  Speaking from personal experience teaching hundreds of hours online over the past few years, I am a witness of the clear benefits of online lessons. Students are less distracted as acting up against a screen, doesn’t reap the same reaction compared to being in a room with a teacher and overall concentration tends to be higher.
Teaching online, you are more tuned in with your ears and eyes. This adds another level of awareness we may not use as much as if we are in person as we can rely too much on demonstration. The student it much more closely watched and eliminates some of the distractions lessons in person can encounter.

Even with these top benefits of online lessons you may not be convinced and you may be unsure how it all works. This is why we offer a free trial so you can test it out for yourself. If you’re still not convinced after, we won’t take it to heart. Don’t dismiss it until you have tried it.

Get started now with a free trial.


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