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Gary Barlow’s No1 Tip

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When we came across Gary Barlow’s No1 Advice for young people wanting to make it on Lance Bass’ “Frosted Tips”, we just had to share it:




Lance Bass: ‘Do you have any good advice for an artist that is just about to explode?’

Gary Barlow: ‘I hate giving advice (…) but one thing that I always say is: “Learn and instrument” and if your instrument is singing, really learn how to… don’t just guess and chance it, learn about it, study it, be professional, go out there and do exam. If you could learn to play something or you learn to sing really well, you got a job forever. You make people feel something, So I always say go back to basics. You know we’re signed to Universal records and the one thing I always I hear from record labels is “no one plays instruments anymore”. People want things now, they don’t want to have to practise for years, they wanna learn how to play it now, right now. And so they’re seeing the latest artists who are coming through, they’re just not learning instruments anymore and that’s a real worry.’ 




 Lance Bass: ‘It’s so true, it’s that instant gratification everyone has to have right now. Social media, everything. You know, back in the day, you had to go to every single radio station in the world to get your song played. Now it’s like – Boom - 3 seconds and it’s out in the world and go ahead radio, play what you want (…). But it’s true, it’s one thing I wish I would have done as a kid. I took piano lessons but as a kid from Mississippi, people start making fun of you and they start saying you’re gay and you stop and think you can’t play piano because, of course I was a closeted little kid, and I didn’t want people to think I’m gay because I play the piano. That is my one regret was not to keep that up. I play, I can tinkle around but I really wanted to be masterful and be able to play piano. If I could just go back and keep it up…’




Listen to the whole Episode here:


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