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The unexpected advice

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The unexpected advice


I was already an active performer throughout my teenage years, mainly as a dancer but my real passion was to be a singer. When I had the opportunity to perform as part of a dance act at a festival in northern Germany at the age of 16 I was extremely excited. We were put up in a hotel for the weekend and performed in front of a couple of hundred people. What a great experience! I also enjoyed  the free catering with all their sweet treats available to us. Not being used to having this available to me, I surely didn’t think of not having all the treats I could eat (especially after performing and wanting the sugary calories).

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Our show was on the Saturday night, a prime slot. The act after our show was an amazing singer. After her performance they also hosted an interview with her. I was fascinated to hear from someone so talented that was singing on a stage, rather than “just” dancing. Her show and interview finished, she went off stage and I somehow had enough courage to go up to her and ask her for her advice. I told her I wanted to be a signer too, not just a dancer.


Her advice was not what I expected at all. She said something along the lines of making it your priority to look after yourself, to make sure to be physically in good shape, to eat well, be fit and healthy. I thought twice about picking up that free Twix lying around after and what I fill my body with. This advice has stuck with me. Her words didn’t make me feel I needed to fit a physical stereotype, it felt like wholesome words, that taken in the right context were very invaluable.

Being good at what you do it one thing but standing the pressure of the industry and the competitiveness of the music business is a whole different matter. You need to be able to have a strong mind and body to get through it fairly unscathed. Learning to be mindful of your mental and physical health is something that should be everyone’s priority. Especially in the entertainment industry, this is something that will make or break you if you. So besides being great at what you’re passionate about, make sure YOU are great in every way.  

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