How do online singing lessons work

One of the most common questions online singing teachers get asked is how singing lessons work remotely through Zoom, Google Meet etc.

The answer is: It's very much like singing lessons in person just more resourceful. 

Singing lesson have the same content whether delivered in person or through a screen. With each teacher having their individual ways of teaching, online singing classes contain warm-ups, cover techniques gaged to your unique voice to reach your full vocal potential, work on your overall confidence and you get to learn the songs you love.

Pitching, voice control, breathing, following melodies, gaining vocal strength, all these things will be covered. As teachers we use our eyes to observe vocal techniques and direct how to correct these by demonstrating. We observe performance techniques and point out improvements. We use our ears to listen to vocal delivery and tuning. We simply can't press your stereo button to play music in your room, so we hit screenshare instead. Technology in 2023 is on our side to deliver great quality lessons into the comfort of your own home (we even offer a discounted price as teachers save money on space and time on travel).  



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