how Eximo works

Eximo acts as an agent for teachers, arranging for them to provide their lessons to their student.

We are your contact point that allows us to put our clients, the tutors, in contact with you

1.) Get in touch (in any way you feel comfortable - email, call, WhatsApp, text…)!
Tell us about what you’re looking for and your/your Childs goals.

2.) Eximo will thoughtfully select the best teacher for you and accommodate your schedule as best as possible.

3.) You will have a free non-obligation  consultation/trial lesson with your fully briefed teacher. This is a chance for you to get to know your teacher and for the teacher to assess you and your aims to make a custom-made lesson plan. 

4.) Eximo will follow up with you and you decide whether you want to go ahead and book any lessons with the teacher.