Lesson Information

Company Values

  • Eximo prides itself in being a bespoke service matching up the student to the most suitable teacher, giving them the best tailored lesson they can get.  
  • Eximo is a high quality music service that is catered to each person individually. Every person has individual aims and ways of learning, which our teachers will always try their best to recognise and work hard to bring out the best in each student.
  • Eximo Director Maya Wolff may always be contacted with any questions/queries by phone, email, text message.
  • Each lesson will be planned according to the students aims and progress.


  • All bookings/cancellations must be made with Maya Wolff through email, phone or text message.
  • Lesson content will be discussed with the teacher but if there’s anything you might not be happy with, please contact Maya Wolff at any time who will do her best to solve any problems.


  • Payment needs to be made by the start of each lesson
  • Payment is to be made via Bacs only to the following Bank account:

Account name - Eximo, Bank - Santander
SortCode -09-01-29, Account Number - 22165749

Fees for singing
Fees for piano

  • Do not take cash to your teacher but set up a BACS payment before your first lesson with the reference that will be given to you. Once it is set up most banking apps will let you make payments via app within seconds.
  • Failure to pay on time may result in termination of lessons.
  • If you prefer to make a bigger lump sum payment, Eximo will be in touch with a reminder when the money is used up. If you need to cancel bookings that aren’t within 24hrs and there’s still money on your account you may ask for the money back or for the money to be rolled over.


  • All Cancellations must be made with Eximo through email, phone, text message.
  • If cancellations occur on the day of the lesson, please also let your teacher know directly.
  • Cancellations on the day (within 24hrs) of the lesson will incur 50% of the lesson fee. If the full fee has already been paid the remaining 50% can be carried over to the next lesson.
  • You are not bound into a contract and may terminate lessons at any point up until the day of your next scheduled lesson by contacting Eximo.
  • Please don’t arrive too early for your lesson as teachers might not have a place to wait and have a tight schedule. Please don’t be late as you will miss out on your lesson time.

Code of Conduct

  • All our teachers are CRB checked and have been thoroughly vetted.
  • We advise that minors are accompanied by an adult. They may only be left at the parent’s discretion and with the teacher's consent, making sure your child feels comfortable. You must be contactable throughout the lesson time in case of any emergencies and must leave your numbers with the teacher direclty. If you drop off your child, make sure your child is with the teacher before leaving them.  
  • You may not pay the teacher directly or book lessons directly through the teacher within a year after terminating your lessons with Eximo.
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