Setting up your membership

  • Lessons will be on the same day & time each week. Please agree this with Eximo before signing up.
  • Once you have signed up, contact Eximo to book in your regular slot


  • Payments will be taken each week automatically
  • The first payment will be taken when you sign up and will be applied to the next lesson
  • You can check your next payment date in your Fresha account
  • Your weekly payment day may change if you pause your membership or your payment fails
  • You can update your card details in your Fresha account anytime

Pausing your membership

  • We can pause your membership if you need a break
  • A start date must be given
  • To pause your membership, contact Eximo. Don’t cancel your lesson without informing Eximo. Cancelling your lesson does not pause or cancel the membership
  • Membership pause requests need to be made at least 24h before your next lesson
  • If the payment has already been taken, Eximo will apply it to the next lesson when you recommence
  • To avoid payment being taken, give 9 days notice or at least 48h before your next  payment date which you can check in your Fresha account

Cancelling your membership

  • To cancel your membership, give notice to Eximo via your usual communication (WhatsApp, text, email etc.) at least 9 days before your next lesson to avoid the next payment being taken
  • Refunds cannot be made if notice is not given in time and outstanding lessons do not want to be taken up

Payment failed

  • Fresha will automatically try charging your card again 3x over the following 7 days.  The only way to prevent this would be if you cancel your membership in your account.
  • Eximo cannot prevent Fresha from trying to take the payment again, neither can Eximo cancel your membership if the payment has failed. 
  • Your weekly payment day may change if your payment has failed. You can always check your payment day in your Fresha account
  • If your payment does not go through at least 24h before your next lesson, alternative payments can be made or your lesson can be postponed or cancelled