Procedure for Lessons at student's house

*Even though legal measures have changed, the risk of infection and therefore our risk assessment remain unchanged and procedures will stay the same. You get the option on your declaration form to declare if you absolutely cannot wear a mask, in which case your teacher can make an informed decision whether to go ahead with the lesson.* 

1) Check you are allowed face to face lessons:

✓ If the student/teacher and anyone in their household is considered vulnerable/at risk, please discuss taking face to face lessons with the vulnerable person before having lessons.

✓ Regarless of the new self-isolation rules coming into effect on 16th August - To have face to face lessons, you must declare if you have been contacted by Test & Trace, tested positive, or been a contact of a confirmed case so your teacher can make an informed decision even if you are fully vaccinated

✓ Make sure you haven’t had any of the following symptoms in the last 10 days: Cough, Fever or chills, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhoea

✓ Students and teachers will still be expected to wear a face mask / socially distance (unless exempt). If you cannot wear one for other reasons, you can declare this on the declaration form so your teacher can make an informed decision. Full refunds are available if your teacher does not want to proceed with the lesson and online is not an option for you

✓ Please read through the procedures and communicate if extra advice is needed to be able to adhere to all the policies and only proceed if you are happy with the policies

✓ A dedicated teaching room must be available. Other household members including siblings must be in a separate and not interfere with the space from the time the room is being aired out before the teacher’s arrival until after the room has been left to air out after the teacher’s exit.

✓ The room should be big enough to keep some distance

✓ Students that are children must have one adult assigned to be responsible for all the procedures and to be next to the child during the lesson time to manage behaviour and help with any tasks the teacher may ask to complete.

to reserve your lesson time. You can request to reserve a regular slot so you can skip this step in the future. You can also communicate with Eximo directly to arrange your lessons

Take a Lateral Flow Test

  • To mitigate infection risks, we ask students and teachers to take a free LFT. This applies to students of secondary school age and over as well as for any accompanying adult attending the lesson to take a free lateral flow test on the day of lesson. If not possible on the day, then no more than 3-4 days before the lesson -
  • 2-3 days before the lesson, fill out the online declaration form and make the payment. If no form is received, your lesson will not be booked.
  • If you/your household/anyone you have been close to develop symptoms or you have been contacted by Test&Trace after sending the form, please let Eximo know immediately and we will reschedule the lesson. Please get a PCR test asap and let Eximo know your test result. If negative, we can resume lessons when symptoms are gone. If positive, follow government guidelines
  • The declaration form will take you to payment.
  • If you have to cancel within 24hrs for any reason other than illness, our general cancellation policy applies a 50% charge.

 4) Get ready for your lesson:

▪ Get the dedicated teaching space ready:

  • Open windows wide to air out room before teachers’ arrival. From this point, the teaching space shall not be interfered with by another member of the household that isn’t the student/assigned adult. Keep window open as much as possible during the lesson for ventilation. Dress according to weather.
  • Close off any spaces that are not needed for the lesson, entry/exit
  • Prepare any lesson material you need – if you’re unsure what you need please check with your teacher beforehand as handing out any sheet music/material to students should be avoided if possible
  • Avoid keeping open drinks or food in the room
  •  Wash your hands
  • Put on your face mask of your choice. You may wear an additional visor for extra protection.

    Both teachers and students & their assigned adult (if applicable) must wear a face mask (unless declared otherwise). Clich here to watch how to use a face mask. FFP2 masks are a great option especially for singing. They provide space around the mouth area. You can click here to read up on the protection evidence.

5) Teacher arrival procedure:

  • Do not let the teacher enter until the room is ready and has been thoroughly ventilated and other household members are out of the way. If you are running late getting everything ready, this time will be taken off your lesson and the teacher must wait outside.
  • Open/close doors for your teacher and show them to the dedicated teaching room. Teacher should avoid touching any door handles, light switches, heating controls etc.
  • Teacher will use their own wipes/hand sanitiser upon arrival to clean their hands

6) The lesson:

  • Previous advice for social distance has been the following, please keep to it as much as possible:
    *For Piano lessons, this will be a distance of 1m+ at all times and maintain 2m wherever and whenever possible
    *For Singing lessons this will be a distance of at least 2m apart, where possible 3m or better, as far as possible without compromising the lesson quality.
  • When singing, do not face each other but either stand side to side or back to back
  • If piano teachers intend to demonstrate something, they will bring their own keyboard or wipe the piano thoroughly before/after use with your permission
  • Assigned adult to help child student throughout the lesson and control behaviour
  • If teacher feels unsafe due to student’s behaviour, they may break up the lesson early and no refund shall be due.
  • Teachers should avoid using the toilet unless absolutely necessary, if this happens, we would  advise you to keep the toilet door shut for for a while before re-entering and then clean toilet, door handles, tap and other room surfaces and air out the room. You have the right to refuse for the teacher to use your toilet
  • If students/teachers/accompanying adult show any of the symptoms outlined above in the lesson, the lesson will be broken up immediately and will be rescheduled. Both teacher and students shall arrange to have a PRC test done as soon as possible and follow self-isolation rules -

    7) Teacher’s exit / after the lesson:
  • We would advise you to wipe surfaces in the room especially anything the teacher may have had contact with (take special care when cleaning instruments), wash your hands and air out the dedicated teaching room before other household members enter

8) Have a great time

We know this is a lot to take in and follow but it is our priority and duty to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. We hope you have a great time and will thoroughly enjoy your face to face lessons.

9) Don’t hesitate to get in touch

If you have any questions or want to talk to us about your lessons please don’t hesitate to get in touch, Eximo wants to make this the best and safest experience as possible for you