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  1. Piano lessons in Machester

    Katie Profil

    We are so pleased to be expanding our locations with teachers for in person lessons. Even though most of our students prefer online lessons, not everyone does.

    If you are one of those and are located in the Manchester, we now have the wonderful Katie that can travel to your home to. She achieved her ABRSM Grade 8 piano in 2018 but teaches all levels off piano. Her experience teaching young children as well as adults makes her a versatile teacher. Not only can she teach classical but she's also great at teaching pop songs and chords.

    Katie is enhanced DBS checked and fully vetted by Eximo and we work very closely with her. 


  2. When we came across Gary Barlow’s No1 Advice for young people wanting to make it on Lance Bass’ “Frosted Tips”, we just had to share it:




    Lance Bass: ‘Do you have any good advice for an artist that is just about to explode?’

    Gary Barlow: ‘I hate giving advice (…) but one thing that I always say is: “Learn and instrument” and if your instrument is singing, really learn how to… don’t just guess and chance it, learn about it, study it, be professional, go out there and do exam. If you could learn to play something or you learn to sing really well, you got a job forever. You make people feel something,

  3. Top 5 Benefits of online lessons




    The emerge of online lessons as a result of the pandemic has been a tremendous positive that has come out of a difficult time. Online lessons are now often the preferred choice when students are looking to learn. 

    Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing online lessons over in person lessons:


    1)   Time

    Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 13.18.00 

  4. 10 Top Taylor Torrence Tips

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 12.11.30

    We have listened to the "The Mindful Mundane" Podcast (Part 1 Part 2), interviewing rising star producer Taylor Torrence who's supported by the likes of Armin can Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tritonal and many more. 

    Taylor has a tremendous insight and brings to the table an invaluable amount of discipline and learnt habits he has picked up through his career as a lawyer. Taking time to listen to the podcast will certainly be worth it, but if you don't have the time, here are our 10 Top Tips Taylor shares throughout the conversation we want to share with you

    1. Create a separate workspace Click the article headline to read more
  5.  She is only a child, yet she has so much to give!

    Scarlett has been an Eximo student for over two years and has achieved more than most children do at her age. Not only has she accomplished academical standards with her singing, it has also been clear from the moment she started lessons, that she is more than just someone who wants to sing. Her deep compassion for the homeless and wanting to use her musical skills to make a difference, has been a true light and hope to many. 


     We’re so proud of her being featured on ITVScreen Shot 2022-01-27 at 14.43.32


    You can also read our blog about her latest music release here