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  1. Eximo won "Music Teaching Service of the Year"

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    This year has been difficult for everyone.
    Eximo went from the best month ever in February to pretty much zero in April.
    We worked hard to move everything online, revamped the website, spent hours writing and researching Covid laws & policies and we managed to turn it around.
    We now have teachers located all over the UK and we are so excited for 2021.

    Receiving the news that we WON The Prestige Award "Teaching Service of the Year" has been such amazing news! 
    Thank you to everyone that makes Eximo so great!

    Let's end 2020 with a bang, see you on the other side!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. "Deck the Halls" has got to be my favourite Christmas song!

    This young student has been by far my quickest learner I have ever taught. She has gone from starting on her "Initial" exam in May to almost completing "Grade 2" a couple of 

  3. 5 Tips to Make Your Kids Feel Comfortable with Wearing Masks


    As government lockdown restrictions loosen, we are very excited to welcome our students back for face to face lessons! While this is great news,

    Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 14.03.05

     it’s important to remember that the virus is still very much a real threat and, as we are working hard to make sure your learning experience is as safe as possible,